I’m a passionate software developer and architect, who loves building applications using a mix of technologies: .NET Core, ASP.NET, CosmosDB, Xamarin, Angular, etc. I’m particularly interested in using cloud services (Microsoft Azure and AWS) to build solutions that solve real-world problems. I also love to talk/blog and share ideas on software development best practices, Agile, distributed systems, design patterns, etc.

My current day job is of Director of Product Development at SOTI where I lead a few teams involved in building MobiControl as part of the SOTI ONE Platform. As a technology leader I strive to instill achieving excellence as the ultimate goal for my teams, constantly raising the bar. As a people leader I’m constantly working to empower my teams to think outside the box, find ways of working smarter not harder, and ultimately contribute more to the organization.

Opinions and thoughts on this blog are my own.