Claudiu Tomescu

3 minute read

For a number of years the software development industry has struggled to find a solution to a rather old idea: write once, run everywhere. First, there was Java, which for a little while seemed to be the answer, however for numerous reasons it didn’t live up to the dream. For a while it looked like everyone gave in, and the chase was off, however Microsoft released the .NET Framework and the game was on, once again.

Xamarin, PCLs, and iOS projects

Fixing PCL issues in Xamarin iOS projects

Claudiu Tomescu

2 minute read

This posts is motivated by my personal struggle fixing PCL (Portable Class Libraries) project support in latest version of Xamarin Studio (4.2.1 stable). I’ve been working for a while on a iOS project where some of the core components are built in a PCL project. Before the Xamarin Studio version 4.2.1 a hack was required in order to be able to correctly build and use PCL projects in iOS solutions using Xamarin Studio.